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West Virginia's Camp Lincoln!
What is it?
Camp Lincoln is an annual youth leadership
camp dedicated to teaching teens between
the ages 14 and 18 about leadership, history,
and the political process.  

At the beginning of camp, campers are divided into two political parties, the
Federalists and the Nationalists.  The parties hold meetings and elect a chairman,
treasurer, and party whip.  Activities are held daily and the parties compete for points
awarded by the Great Wazoo.  Each night, the parties gather in the spirit circle singing
songs, performing skits, and competing in silly challenges.  At the end of Spirit Circle,
the spirit stick is awarded to the party that showed the most spirit during the daily
activities.  Classes are held daily on subjects such as History, Law, Ethics, Politics,
Leadership, and Government.  A mock model congress is convened where each
camper is a delegate representing their respective county.  Bills are introduced,
debated, and voted on throughout the week.  Midway through the week, a primary
election is held to nominate each party's candidate for camp president and vice
president.  The parties earn 'Camp Lincoln money' from the counselors throughout the
week that they may use to purchase campaign supplies from the camp store. The
campers work together to paint campaign signs and banners that are posted around
the camp and waived at the rallies at the spirit circle. On Friday a convention is held to
elect the camp president and vice president.

Judges, elected officials, and business
leaders often stop by the camp to speak
to the campers on a variety of subjects
and offer insight into the daily aspects of
their career fields.  

Ultimately, Camp Lincoln is an exciting
learning experience and a great place to
make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Where is it?
Camp Lincoln is held at Camp Caesar in Cowen, West Virginia.
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When is it?
Camp begins on Sunday, July 7th with registration from 3:00 - 4:00 pm.  Camp
adjourns  on
Saturday, July 13th at 11:00 am.

How much does it cost?
The cost to attend Camp Lincoln is $250 for the week, and is all inclusive.  If you
cannot afford the cost, but still want to attend, contact us to find out more about how to
find a sponsor!
You can help make
Camp Lincoln a success!

Become a Sponsor
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Camp Lincoln
Code of Ethics
A Code of Ethics is not a set of hard and fast rules by which one must strictly abide, but
rather a set of guidelines and values held in common by a group of individuals who strive
for the same general outcome.

The basic tenet of personal conduct at Camp Lincoln is the
Golden Rule.  Treat others
with the same respect and  consideration that you would expect from them.  Basic good
manners and sincere concern for the well being of others in everything that we do will
guide our daily actions and interactions.

To provide a safe environment at Camp Lincoln we have established a policy prohibiting
the use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.  We do not tolerate any forms
of abuse, harassment or inappropriate social behavior.
Camp Lincoln Value Statements







Holistic Fitness:
Camp Lincoln believes in open honest communication and emphasizes
self confidence and self respect.

Camp Lincoln believes that each camper should strive to complete every
task to the best of his or her ability with dedication and motivation.

Camp Lincoln believes in serving the community with a spirit of
generosity and the commitment to give back to our society.

Camp Lincoln believes that having the resolve to do the right thing is the
only way.

Camp Lincoln believes that truth is the only policy.

Camp Lincoln believes in respecting the beliefs and values of others.

Camp Lincoln believes that co-operation and teamwork alleviate the
tension of the task and foster a more productive atmosphere.

Camp Lincoln believes in cultivating on a daily basis the fitness of mind,
body and spirit into one organic whole.